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Why do investors and traders choose QIA Commodities?

Customers choose QIA for the innovative, competitive product range that we offer and the personalised, traditional service that has been lost in this technological age. We understand the significance of commodity investments to our customer's portfolios, so whether you are looking for your metal to be delivered or stored we maintain a traditional one-to-one approach. Over the years we have been recognised by the International Fund Awards and this year the 2016 Business Excellence Awards honoured us with the “Best Physical Commodity Solutions Company – London”.


What can QIA do for me?

Our aim is to provide you with the products that are appropriate to your needs. Choose from products which can manage risk and diversify portfolios to more speculative investment opportunities. Whether you are looking for diversification, speculation or both, we can assist in providing tailored physical commodity products to you.


Who are QIA regulated by?

QIA Commodities is a trading name of Quantum Investment Advisors Ltd; a limited company incorporated in England and Wales in 2009, registration number is 6921099, registered to Becket House, Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DD. QIA Commodities Ltd is a registered limited company, registration number 07364037, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Investment Advisors Ltd. Quantum Investment Advisors Ltd is registered under the UK Money Laundering Regulations, HMRC Money Laundering Registration Number 12626976. Quantum Investment Advisors Ltd is registered with UK HMRC for VAT purposes, HMRC VAT number 104312866.