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Money Laundering Policy

In compliance with various UK, European and International laws and guidelines QIA Commodities enforce a strict Anti-Money Laundering policy. QIA undertake various checks to ensure this policy is adhered to at all times.


General guidelines:

New Accounts – As part of the account opening process all account holders, directors or signatories are required to provide evidence of their identity. This takes the form of a copy of photographic evidence, a passport or photographic driving licence and proof of address such as bank statement dated not more than 90 days before account opening.


Customers Deposits – Must originate from a bank account in the exact name of the QIA account holder. Any funds originating from a different account will be returned to source and any bank charges made will be deducted.


Customer Withdrawals – Will be sent to the original customers’ bank account from which funds were sent to QIA.


Customers in high risk areas – Additional checks will be undertaken where customer funds are received from high risk classed areas.



Should you have any questions or wish to receive the QIA Commodities Money Laundering Policy please contact us.