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Products & Services

What we offer

QIA Commodities offer an extensive range of QIA bespoke products coupled with ancillary services. A plethora of products are available, tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer with the support of a dedicated experienced relationship manager.


  • Simplicity & Transparency
  • Innovation & Service
  • Physical Market Access
  • Leading Market Information & Transaction Support
  • Market Liquidity
  • Competitive Fees
  • Global Reach
  • Risk Management




QIA Commodities offer a wide range of products on a stored or delivered basis. The commodities we provide include physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. For up-to-date information on the other industrial metals we provide and the bespoke and tailored products we offer please speak to your designative representative.

QIA allows customers to receive precious metals in tangible minted bars and investment or collectible coins. Following cleared receipt of funds including applicable transportation, insurance charges and taxes products are shipped the following working day. QIA have immediate access to high volumes and liquidity on metals and offer delivery to individual residences and customs bonded warehouses on a global basis.

QIA offers the facility to store precious metal minted bars, coins and other forms of the metal within secure depositories globally. Customers can choose the location for the storage of the metal from Zurich and London to Dubai and Singapore. QIA constantly monitor the storage facilities and only contract the major global logistical companies who are highly experienced within these requirements. All holdings are insured. 


Through the extensive relationships that QIA hold with various industry participants globally we are able to meet the requirements of our industrial and commercial customers both competitively and with service excellence. We only commit to what we know we can provide and within timescales which continually impress our customers. 


QIA Bespoke products are tailored specifically to your own unique requirements. 


QIA Commodities offer a number of value added and ancillary services for clients including leading market information and your own dedicated account manager. Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

Knowledge is power. By being well informed you can ensure you make the best possible decisions when it comes to any market. Metals are no different. This is why we provide a wealth of information to customers on a daily basis including price action, a thorough overview of market moves, the outlook for key commodities and an economic calendar so that our customers are aware of what may impact the markets next. 

The excellent products we offer would mean little without the personal service provided directly to you by our representatives. We maintain that having one dedicated and experienced account manager, with whom you have an existing relationship, will be best placed to assist you with your commodity needs. 

QIA Commodities offer some of our products to other businesses and intermediaries who wish to offer physical commodities to their existing customer base. Additionally through the QIA Business Network we provide comprehensive support to those involved within the industry and undertaking transactions within the physical commodity sector whether that be commercial users or individuals.