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Why choose us

QIA Commodities are here to assist you in getting the most out of your commodity requirements. The founding team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout diverse areas of the commodity markets. QIA’s relationships with producers, refiners, suppliers, traders and end-users coupled with innovative product offerings make QIA well placed to meet the expectations of individual, corporate & commercial customers alike.


Whether you are a commercial business looking to facilitate continued silver granule sourcing or an individual investor looking to diversify your portfolio into gold, our team of experienced representatives will be delighted to discuss the variety of options available. As part of our customer focused approach, any products you would like to gain access to, or simply find out more information about, let us know and we will go the extra mile to see if that is something we can facilitate for you.


Our efforts within the industry were recognised at the 2016 Business Excellence Awards where we were awarded “Best Physical Commodity Solutions Company – London” after last year picking up the International Fund Award for "Best For Commodity Services - UK".